« RENAISSANCE » the French King Cake 2021

From the traditional recipe, it differs with its puff pastry made with less processed flours that gives it a delicately crumbly texture that melts in the mouth and allows it to keep all its freshness for a few days.

Puff pastry with Charentes-Poitou PDO butter and French flours (organic einkorn and stone ground T80). Frangipane with roasted Ardèche chestnuts notes. Delicate crispy Tuile.

Serving 4 people

Allergens : Cereals containing gluten, eggs, milk, nuts.

Delivery: Paris and the inner suburbs ( see delivery tab ).



The story

For her "Galette des Rois" 2021, Nina Métayer has choosen the Tree of Life. This universal symbol share by all cultures also echoes her personal story. The starting point for this creation is the loss of her bicentenary chestnut tree, which one day had to be felled. Then, the next day, a young goat was born, as to thumb his nose to destiny.

Making the choice of the symbolism of the Tree of Life took on even more sens from the start of the crisis, then with the birth of her second child, Adèle, in the heart of summer.
Nina asked to her friend, the artist Alexia Lepelletier, to draw this vigorous and stable tree rooted in the Mother Earth to express her desire, stronger than anything else, to move forward, to see the positive in everything, to believe in the future.

In the same way as for the rose window of her galette Notre-Dame last year, a modeling work have been done, still using 3D printing techniques to create custom-made shapes for his galettes and cakes.

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